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Notice Board
The editorial committee will be active from February to May and From July to October 2010.
About Us


Our philosophy is to provide opportunities for medical and allied health students, as well as junior health professionals, to publish and participate in running a world class, high quality peer-reviewed journal. It promotes the experience of students and junior health professionals to develop their publishing, academic and professional skills in high-quality research and contributes to the body of scientific knowledge in the medical and health sciences. Our aim is to be a multidisciplinary journal with a readership comprising students across a wide range of health disciplines, promoting collaboration and evidence-based practice. The MSJA is dedicated to bringing medical, allied health, nursing, pharmacy and dentistry students the best peer-reviewed research and information in a clinically useful and enlightening way The objectives of the journal are:

  • To increase the opportunities for health students to learn about publishing in a scientific journal.
  •  To publish papers on research conducted by students where the student is the first author
  • To give student authors experience regarding the process of submission, review and publication of research papers
  • To involve students in the management of the journal
  • To involve students in the peer-review process of publication
  • To increase the opportunities for health students to share views on relevant and topical student and professional issues
  • To provide a medium for others to learn about student research work and views
  • To increase awareness and learning about population health issues


The board is operational year round and comprises the following positions:


  • Chief Editor
  • Deputy Editor
  • Secretary
  • Financial Officer


  • Edition Manager
  • Assistant Ed Manager
  • Publishing Editors
  • Publication Officers
  • Peer Review coordinators
  • Edition Designers


  • Senior Policy Officer
  • Publicity Officers
  • Advertising officer